Positive Attitudes

With the new year upon us, it is important to stay focused. Whatever our situations and circumstances, a positive attitude is vital.

I often teach about happiness and what has become exceedingly clear is this: There are seven qualities chronically unhappy people have mastered.

According to Psychology Today, University of California researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky states: “40 percent of our of our capacity for happiness is within our power to change.”

If this is true and it is, there’s hope for us all. There are billions of people on our planet and clearly some are truly happy. The rest of us bounce back and forth between happiness and unhappiness depending on the day. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy

A Beautiful Adoption Story

This is a beautiful story of a family who adopted.

A Nebraska couple who adopted two little boys from foster care put even more smiles on their faces by adopting all six of their brothers- who range from a baby to teenagers — the last of whom they welcomed into their home on National Adoption Day on Sunday. 

Click here to learn more.

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Teen Pregnancy: One Family’s Story

Teen pregnancy is frequently an unplanned event. This post is an encouraging one for families.

“She’s pregnant, Carole,” My grammie said to my mother as I prayed this wasn’t really happening. I can still remember the look of devastation written all over my mother’s face when I told her the news. I was 13 weeks pregnant, and I still had my senior year of high school to finish. As I sat on the couch, praying the floor would open up and swallow me, my mama walked out of the room whispering, “I thought I raised you better than this.”

My mother was filled with dread and worry as she tried to process the news and grieve the dreams she had for me. At the same time, I was trying to adjust to the idea of high school and motherhood. Being a teenager and not emotionally mature, I was scared that the father of my baby wouldn’t be there … and what about college? What about the rest of my life? Click here to read the rest of the article.

Kelly and Nancy

Church Youth Groups

How do church leaders deal with teen pregnancy and youth groups? This article provides a few guidelines for youth leaders.

It’s a tough one this week, the question of the week. Last week I got into contact with a British youth worker who was wondering how to approach the situation of a teen in her youth group being pregnant. I figured it was a good topic to write a bit about, since unfortunately it’s something we can all encounter. What do you need do when a teen in our youth group is pregnant?

There are a few practical things to consider and then there’s the more emotional and pastoral stuff. Let’s start with a few practical guidelines you’ll need to remember when dealing with a teenage pregnancy in your youth group: Click here to find out more.

Nancy and Kelly

Teen Pregnancy Statistics

State teen pregnancy rates provide information for people who work in education, churches, and for families. It is important to be informed.

State teen pregnancy rates have been released indicating that New Mexico has the highest rates of teen pregnancies in the United States. However, the statistics showed that teen pregnancy and teen abortion rates have declined across the nation, and the rate of teen abortions hit their lowest levels since the legalization of abortion in 1973. Click here to learn more.

Kelly and Nancy

Fatigue And Pregnancy

Why am I So Tired?

It’s normal to feel tired during the first trimester and the last trimester. Your body is changing and adapting to hormones and getting ready to make a child.

I remember coming home from school so exhausted that I would barely make it to my bed before I was fast asleep, wake up for dinner and do my homework and some chores and go right back to bed for 10 hours. I would nod off in church and sometimes in school, a little embarrassing. I never seemed to catch up no matter how much sleep I got.

I started feeling more energy during the second trimester but exhausted again during the third trimester. I think part of it is storing up sleep, because pretty soon you will get hardly any. Good luck and hang in there. I posted a link that I found to be helpful.


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We’re Changing Our Blog

Kelly and I have reviewed what we are doing with our Dust 2 Diamonds blog. We feel it will be more beneficial if we narrow our focus down to just the topics of adoption and infertility. We plan to post on the subject of Adoption on Mondays and infertility on Thursdays. This will start today, August 1, 2013.


For those who have been following our posts on Special Needs we are moving those posts to Nancy’s personal blog at www.NancyFaltermeier.Wordpress.com .

For the topic of Teen Pregnancy, we will be putting up information on our website that will always be accessible at www.dust2diamonds.Wordpress.com . Please be patient with us as we work on our website. Thank You for following our blog.

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Heartburn And Pregnancy

Heartburn What is It and What Helps?

Depending on how far along you are, you might be experiencing a burning like feeling similar to acid reflux. With pregnancy your body is increasing your hormone levels and this may also relax the lower esophageal sphincter, or valve that keeps stomach acid from traveling upward. When the valve isn’t working right the acid travels up and irritates your esophagus causing heartburn.

The good news is that this should go away after you deliver. Tums help, but be careful how many you take; they do have calories and sugar.

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I’m Spotting Does This Mean I’m Miscarrying?

I’m Spotting Does This Mean I’m Miscarrying?

During the first two to three months of pregnancy, it is common to have some spotting. If you start to have cramps and the bleeding increases make sure you get to your doctor right away. In most cases of spotting or light bleeding, women many times go on to have healthy babies. If you are concerned please talk to your doctor, they may want to check your HCG levels and keep an eye on you.

Make sure you talk to your parents or an adult if you have any concerns. Communication is a very important part of keeping you and your baby healthy.


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Stretch Marks Do They Go Away?

Stretch Marks Do They Go Away?

A pesky little issue that often arises is those strange marks up and down you belly and maybe on your back called stretch marks. Your body is changing and trying to make room to grow a baby, the great thing about our skin is that it does stretch. Some of you may be lucky enough to not get any stretch marks.

My best advice is to not stress them too much, teen bodies usually weather pregnancy pretty well, I only had a few stretch marks at seventeen with my first child. I got more later on. Some techniques I heard help fade the stretch marks faster are using products like Mederma and Dream Belly creams, though some are costly, I have friends that swear by them. Stretch marks do fade over time for a lot of people, so decide as you go along.


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