Forever Entwined

      A soft and pliable lump of graphite, black and ugly, must spend an extended period of time deep below the earth’s surface. While buried so deep beneath rock and earth, it experiences intense heat and pressure. It’s this great heat and pressure which brings a mighty transformation. The lump of graphite becomes a hard and valuable stone. It is translated into diamond, brilliant and beautiful. But, the story does not end there. For the stone to be seen and used it must be carried by molten rock on a violent and sudden trip to the earth’s surface. 

    Once arriving at the earth’s surface it faces still more violence. The Master diamond cutter cleaves away impurities and shapes the stone to reflect light through its many facets. Just like this lump of graphite, taken from dust and transformed into something valuable, God takes us from the dust of our lives and transforms us into rare gems. Forever Entwined is one such story.

    Brought together through the birth of one little boy, two women are transformed from the dust of teen pregnancy and infertility into the rare gems of God’s grace. Nancy Faltermeier and Kelly Sumner not only tell their remarkable story, but explore God’s goodness in the lives of Biblical characters whose lives were touched by infertility and adoption. They also probe the topics of teen pregnancy and growing up adopted.

    The purpose of this website is to encourage those facing these issues and other trials. You are not alone. God makes beautiful things out of the dust.


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