A Great Writing Article

Here is a great writing article we wanted to share with our readers.

A TV show is about to be cancelled. Not exactly headline worthy, I know. Happens all the time. Only this time it was a series I was trying to get into, mainly because I’ve liked the lead actor in the past.

The ratings were okay for the opener, but have gradually declined. I am one of those decliners. After four episodes I stopped watching. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy


Holidays and Writing

It is important to have a writing plan for the holidays.

No getting around it, the holiday season has arrived. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, families are gathering, and Christmas music will soon be playing. The joys, the stresses… here they come!

What does this mean for writers? I’ve noticed that this season often leads to frustration for people who work at home while also trying to juggle a busy life. The time available for your writing dwindles and you start to feel behind and get stressed that you’re not meeting your goals. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy

Influence of Words

Our words are powerful. This article reminds us as writers that our influence is important.

Every writer has an opportunity to influence not only his/her community but also the world.

When a writer puts words to paper, those thoughts are like the “rocks” we fling out into the water that cause ripple effects. The ripples just keep enlarging.

We never know who is going to read something we’ve written. For the most part, we never know the influence the words will have. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy



It is important to understand POV in novel writing. This article provides some helpful tips.

People love to give advice.They love to share their point of view. Oftentimes, I listen. Oftentimes, I think this person doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. However, I recently received some advice that I think is invaluable—particularly when it comes to writing.
If you’re writing in first person, you can probably stop reading right now. This stellar advice doesn’t apply to you because let’s face it—you only have one point of view. But if you have multiple points of view in your novel, and it’s not working for some reason, consider rewriting (no screaming allowed) in another character’s POV. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy


Sometimes we doubt our chosen path as an author. This article is a source of encouragement.

Oh, book stores.

All the titles and authors and hardbound editions, taunting me.

I’ve been going to a lot of book stores lately, on tour with the Nightmares Unhingedanthology, published by Colorado’s own Hex Publishing. It’s been fun, but I have to say, I sit looking at the book covers wondering if I’ve ruined my writing career. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy


Is The Internet Helpful?

November is NaNoWriMo more commonly called National Novel Writing Month. This article is very helpful for writers who are working hard at staying focused on a current work-in-progress.

Since I’m trying to stay focused this month, I’m going to be on #TeamHelpfulTool.

Full disclosure: I could be the poster child for a distracted Internet user. I fall down my fair share of rabbit holes. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy

Elevator Pitches

This is a great article on elevator pitches.

I’m not going to tell you how to craft a compelling elevator pitch today. I’m going to focus instead on the problem with elevator pitches.

What is an elevator pitch? According to Eileen Pincus’ “The Perfect (Elevator) Pitch” in Bloomberg Business, “An elevator pitch, elevator speech or elevator statement is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a process, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition.” Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy



It is important to learn all we can about writing and editing our own books. This article is a great reminder.

A curious thing seems to be happening in MFA workshops and critique groups. Criticism regarding spelling, grammar, and punctuation is considered hypercritical and offered only with considerable apologies for nitpicking. “Your editor will catch and correct those problems” seems to be the widespread assumption, which disregards entirely the fact that, as unpublished, amateur writers, we don’t yet have editors. Moreover, we have less chance of ever having one if our query letters and submissions reflect a bungling of or indifference to the fundamental rules of writing.

Personally, I think relying on others to tidy up our work is a slippery slope. More often than not, a seemingly minor punctuation edit such as the addition or elimination of a comma or an ellipsis will change the carefully wrought tone of a passage entirely. Further, many of these “petty” edits are stylistic. Will my editor know, for instance, that I intended to capitalize “It” when referring to a personified Fate? The portrait of the resplendent but doomed Dorian Gray might have been inelegantly smeared rather than excruciatingly seared “with the lines of suffering” had Oscar himself not corrected his typist’s error. Learn more.

Nancy and Kelly


Designing Book Covers

It is important to learn how to design a book cover. This article provides helpful tips.

Have you ever finished reading a book only to return to the cover and discover that the special dress the heroine is wearing is the wrong color? Or the bearded hero is depicted as clean shaven? And bald!  Oh no! Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy


As a writer, where do you get your inspiration from? How do you continue to stay motivated to write? This article provides some helpful tips.

I’m making an assumption here, but I believe we all need to be inspired by something when we first put pen to paper – or fingers to keys, as the case may be. Whether it’s a deadline looming, the proverbial sunrise making it’s entrance on a new day, or simply wanting 30 minutes of alone time with a cup of tea to ponder ideas, there is always something that pushes us forward to write. Whatever it is, there’s usually a je ne sais quoi moment when the light bulb goes on. And when that happens, it’s awesome. However…when the light bulb is dim or has no electric current running through it, what is a person to do? Stick their finger in a socket? I think not. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy