Writing a Synopsis

It is important to learn how to write a synopsis. This article helps to explain how to write one.

There is nothing in this writing world that can elicit more dread and loathing than saying the simple word ‘synopsis.’ The definitions of the word range from ‘a brief summary or general survey of something’ to ‘an outline of the plot of a book…’ So we are going to discuss writing a brief outline of a book. That sounds better than using that “S” word.

This is a great time to write an elevator pitch for your book. An elevator pitch is a two or three sentence summary of your story that you could tell someone in an elevator before you get to the next floor! And you can NOT use run-on sentences or talk real fast! I always use this as an exercise because once you’ve boiled your plot down to an elevator pitch you are well on your way to writing a syn… er, uh…brief outline for your book. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy


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