Developing A Story

Do you plot your entire book before you write it? Do you prefer to sit down and write and see what happens? Whatever the method of choice, this writer provides some great tips on the writing process.

Writers have many methods for developing their story. Some are very methodical and create detailed outlines. Some have a spreadsheet that lists chapters, summaries and potential word counts. While others use writing software such as Scrivener to write and organize their thoughts.

Me, I’ve tried a little of all of these methods. More than likely as my writing matures I will choose one I like best. Having some idea of where the story will go is good and all of these tools can guide the way. But there is something mystical that happens when you sit down to write a scene and your characters take on a life of their own. Before you know it they are having conversations or going through a crisis you didn’t have outlined. It’s as if they jump off the page and take over your well thought-out plot line. Relax, let them go and see what happens. Your story may take on a life that is better than the one you had planned. When the characters shut up, reread your scene. If it has taken you off track, but you like what’s happening, ask yourself, what happens next? Then dive right in to your new story line. Read more.

Kelly and Nancy


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