Publishing Opportunity

If you are looking for a publishing opportunity, Chicken Soup For The Soul is accepting submissions.

Your true stories may be in demand by Chicken Soul For the Soul.

Even if you’ve never been published before, submit a story. According to Ken & Dahlynn McKowen, co-authors of four Chicken Soup For the Soul books, including Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul, “approximately 40% of the stories accepted by Chicken Soup are from unpublished writers.”

If your story is accepted you’ll be paid $200, plus 10 copies of the book you’re in.

So send your stories to “Chicken Soup” on these topics: Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy


I ran late with this blog post because distractions seem to be a rule of thumb at work right now. We’ve had a lot of transitions, and I’ve taken over the Christian Living line as well as the fiction line. Finding my way with new projects, many already in progress, has been slightly chaotic. In addition, I’ve been preparing to teach a fiction continuity class at the Florida Christian Writers Conference, which starts on Wednesday.

I make lists to help keep me on track, which, of course, doesn’t do any good if I don’t look at them once they’re made.

But isn’t that like the writing life in all stages? Learn more.

Nancy and Kelly

Telling or Showing?

For writers it is important to develop the skill of showing versus telling. This article provides some helpful tips.

Telling vs. showing has always been one of the great debates of modern fiction writing. Telling an emotion feels detached and impersonal, and keeps the reader at arms length, by not sharing the emotion with them.

To draw your readers into the new world, to make them feel what the characters feel is the goal of every great story teller. When that technique is combined with deep POV where the character speaks to her own fears, it serves to propel stories to the top of the charts. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy

Intermediate Writers

Are you an intermediate writer? This article helps to gage that status.

I blogged earlier about what a beginning writer needs to know.  At least, that was the title.  Really it was a collection of what I learned (or should have learned) as a beginning writer, combined with what I observe from other beginning writers now, the struggles that they go through.

And now for intermediate writers.

What makes an intermediate writer? Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy

Creating A Story World

We enjoy sci-fi and fantasy. Creating a good story world is essential to this genre. This article teaches us how to do that.

J. R. R. Tolkien referred to the world of the faery-tale as the author’s sub-creation. The truth is, all fiction has a sub-created world, or ought to. Tolkien’s point is key, but before taking a closer look at the principle, we need to be clear about the term “story world.”

Writing instructor John Truby explains it this way: Click here to learn more.

Kelly and Nancy


Running In Circles

As a missionary in Kenya, East Africa, I was affectionately called an mzungu. (To say it properly, hum the m, then say zoon goo.) When I asked my Kenyan guard what that meant, he would laugh nervously and shy away.

When he would pass by, I would ask again, “What is an mzungu?” He would say “Oh no, Mama.” But, at the end of the week, I had his pay. I held up his shillings. “Bwana, what does mzungu mean?” He smiled, hung his head and said, “Run in circles.”

“Run in circles?” Read more.

Nancy and Kelly

To Kill A Mockingbird Sequel

The public is anticipating the upcoming sequel of To Kill A Mockingbird.

“To Kill A Mockingbird” fans were shocked today to learn its author, Harper Lee, has another book coming out.

“Go Set a Watchman,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning author’s second novel, will be released on July 14, the Associated Press reported.

Learn more.

Nancy and Kelly

Get Ready For Conferences

As writers, we spend many hours in solitude, pecking away at the keyboard, looking up information on the Internet, or researching at the library. Conference season gives us the chance to come out of the office and get with like-minded writers.

Depending on where you live, how much time you have available, and how much money you can invest, there are many conference choices available. Finding a conference is never the problem-choosing which one or two or three to attend is.

Here is a checklist to consider as you read conference websites, newsletters, and brochures: Read more.

Kelly and Nancy



Seasons For Writers

Writers do go through seasons in the writing journey. This article is a helpful one.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us that there is a season for every activity under heaven. I believe season is the key word in this passage. As writers, we go through seasons – seasons of struggle to find just the right words to create story, carving out the necessary time to do so, and, God willing, those moments when the words flow with seemingly little effort. But, as writers, I also believe we should impose an occasional season of inactivity.

By inactivity I don’t mean lounging on the couch to watch endless episodes of Friends or Castle or whatever shows you might default to (personally, mine would be NCIS – Mark Harmon’s Gibbs is a great character study.) Of course, my inactivity might look nothing like yours. As a type A personality, I’m riddled with guilt if I’m not accomplishing something tangible. And since my husband and I live on a large piece of property, there is no lack of work. Fortunately, most of those tasks don’t take a lot of thought. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy

Questions For Authors

In one of our early coaching sessions, we ask our authors to answer three questions about themselves and their book(s); so what, who cares and why you? Many authors fail to take this self-evaluative journey. As we lead them towards answering these questions, they find their audience, purpose and direction in the marketing of their books.

So What? Amazon is the fourth largest search engine in the world and the premier data base for the book industry. There are about 3,500 books uploaded on Amazon everyday. How does an author stand a chance? The market aware-author starts by answering the question, So What? So what you wrote a book? So what God gave you this book? So what this is a current topic or a hot genre? Read more.

Kelly and Nancy