Social Media Manners

How is your social media platform doing? If you are a writer, it is very important to keep on track of this and spend time each week with readers. This article is informational and discusses what do during those awkward social media moments.

The holiday season is almost here, and this is a good time to use relevant subjects on your social media. However, please be aware that you may open a can of worms. Don’t be afraid of it; just proceed with caution.

I like to ask questions that get my friends and followers thinking and revealing bits of their personalities. “Which is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?” was the seemingly innocent question I asked on my personal Facebook page. It was Girl Scout cookie season after all, and I was looking forward to a relaxed and friendly conversation about something that’s almost a national pastime. Many people have either sold or at least enjoyed a Girl Scout cookie at one time or another. Read more.

Kelly and Nancy


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