Increase The Pace Of A Novel

Here are seven ways to increase your novel’s pace:

1. Know what your story’s ABOUT and understand your genre.
2. Don’t begin at the beginning of your story. Say, for example, that you want to write a historical romance starring a heroine who’s rebuilding her life after adversity. It might seem logical to begin at the beginning, at the moment when her parents died. Or the moment when she decided to start stealing bread to feed her younger brother. Or the moment when she was arrested, or sentenced, or sent to prison. But remember. Your book is about the rebuilding. Your genre is historical romance. So consider beginning your novel in the middle-to-latter part of this woman’s journey. Maybe at the moment when she steps off a train in an unfamiliar town or the moment when she approaches the town’s ruggedly handsome (well, this is a romance, after all) shipping magnate to ask for a job.

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Kelly and Nancy


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