Writing Journey

Sometimes we get stumped in our writing journeys. This article is helpful.


Many writers-even published ones-go through career stalls. Things fizzle out. Interest (among editor, agents or readers) wanes. Some authors face tough times, even after experiencing great success with a first or second novel. Still others feel the downward spiral after being on the best-seller’s list. I know, from personal experience, that these seasons can be discouraging. However, a downward fizzle doesn’t have to lead to an inevitable end of your writing career. It is possible to re-ignite, re-strategize, and re-invent yourself. You can pick yourself up, face the challenges head-on, and watch your career take off once again.

I’ve put together a list of five tips guaranteed to re-energize weary authors. If you follow this plan, you can jump-start your career once again. If you’ve never published-but hope to-these five tips will help you on your journey toward publication. Click here to learn more.

Nancy and Kelly


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