Where Does Your Book Fit?

Where does your book fit in the publishing world? This featured article discusses ways writers can correctly place their novels in the right genre.

Whether you’re a published author or still on the road to publication, you’ve probably been asked to identify books that are similar to yours. Publishers want to know that you can identify your target audience.

But this can be tricky. Have you ever noticed that there’s something a bit mysterious in the way you feel about the books you love? It’s a little bit like falling in love with your mate-after all, you might love your hubby’s curly brown hair and blue eyes, his sense of humor and the way he loves God. Does that mean you’re in danger of falling for every curly-haired, blue-eyed laughing Christian that comes along? Of course not! There’s some complex combination of factors that makes the love of your life unique. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy


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