Permission To Take Time

Frequently, we are caught up in so many things that demand our attention. Then we do find the time to write, it can be frustrating. It is easy to get stuck, not come up with ideas, write until there are no more ideas, or even become tired. This article provides a different light on the writing journey. We hope you enjoy it.

Confession time. For all my aversion to math, I thrive on measurable productivity. A number of words written. A number of pages revised. The number of books read in a week, month or year. The amount of time spent research-or even cleaning house or running errands. It all signals productivity. A worthwhile expenditure of time.

And yet, in the 15 years I’ve been writing toward and for publication, I have learned some very hard truths.

Not all writing work is measurable.

Not all writing work appears productive.

Not all writing work involves physically doing anything at all! Read more.

Kelly and Nancy


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