Lisa’s Adoption Story

Adoption is dear to our hearts. Lisa’s story is a touching one.


I didn’t know anything about adoption whatsoever so I just typed into my computer ‘adoption,’ and up pops The Cradle! And they set us up with a counselor immediately who came out to our school and sat down with me and just talked to me about what adoption looked like and the different forms that it can take and it was really interesting to me the whole concept of open adoption.

We decided that open adoption was the appealing route and then went through a list of things outside of that that were appealing to me. I really wanted my child to be raised in an African-American family being that I’m African-American and there would be that relation. I did want a Christian home. Having other kids was an option as well. And just a couple that really loved each other. She took note of all of that and sent me five packets of different types of families that fit within what we had come up with and from those packets I would then decide who I wanted to meet with. Read more.

Kelly and Nancy


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