Part Three: Showing Verses Telling

Today ends our three-part series on showing verses telling. We have enjoyed the featured articles and hope you have too.

Here is the third article.

As humans, we value honesty and strive to be as truthful as we can as often as we can. But in truth, protection is also important to our species, and many times it trumps honesty. To protect ourselves, everyone periodically resorts to deception—to avoid consequences, to get what we want, to keep from hurting ourselves or others. One of the most common deceptions I see has to do with our emotions. We mislead others to think we’re feeling one way when we’re really feeling something else. Why? To avoid questions we don’t want to answer, to deny our true feelings and avoid having to face them, to save face in front of others, to keep a secret…the possibilities are endless. – See more. 

Nancy and Kelly


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