A Crown

Revelation 2:10

“Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

Chosing Villain Names

Authors are always on the lookout for character names. Villains are fun to name. This article is interesting as it details how writers picked the names for the antagonists in each of their stories.

In reimagining the 1959 film Sleeping Beautys portrayal in the reboot calls into question just how villainous she really is, there is no question that the creators of the original film chose wisely when naming this “mistress of all evil.” Click here to learn more.


Kelly and Nancy

Bumps In The Night

“Christian authors should never touch this topic!”

“Thank goodness – something fresh that isn’t afraid to push the edge.”

“Clearly this author doesn’t know her Bible.”

“I love how she wove spiritual truths throughout the story.”

You probably guessed by now that these disparate comments were written about the same book – my novel, Crossing into the Mystic.

In the story, my protagonist is a vulnerable, misguided young woman mourning her dead family. When she encounters a ghost in her secluded estate, she agrees to solve his centuries-old murder, thinking that this spirit might connect her to her dead family. Toss in a little Civil War history, some romance, and a few nail-biting unknowns and, viola, you have your basic Christian novel.

Okay, not so basicClick here to learn more.

Kelly and Nancy

Adoption Story

Today’s adoption story is from the perspective of the adopted child now an adult.

FOUR years ago, when I was 24, my mother handed me a case file on myself. I had long known that I was adopted as an infant and that my birth mother had died in a car accident several years after I was born. But this case file was new to me. To find out what happens, click here.

Nancy and Kelly

Where Does Your Book Fit?

Where does your book fit in the publishing world? This featured article discusses ways writers can correctly place their novels in the right genre.

Whether you’re a published author or still on the road to publication, you’ve probably been asked to identify books that are similar to yours. Publishers want to know that you can identify your target audience.

But this can be tricky. Have you ever noticed that there’s something a bit mysterious in the way you feel about the books you love? It’s a little bit like falling in love with your mate-after all, you might love your hubby’s curly brown hair and blue eyes, his sense of humor and the way he loves God. Does that mean you’re in danger of falling for every curly-haired, blue-eyed laughing Christian that comes along? Of course not! There’s some complex combination of factors that makes the love of your life unique. Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy

A Beautiful Adoption Story

What a beautiful and moving adoption story!


Every now and then, you hear a story that’s equal parts pain and joy, weakness and strength, fear and bravery, despair and hope.

The birth and adoption of Leo Doud, which came to light last week in a poignantly candid account written by Leo’s birth mom, is one such story.

A 25-year-old photojournalism student at the University of Iowa, Callie Mitchell chronicled her unplanned pregnancy, delivery and decision to give her baby up for adoption in heartbreaking detail and with gorgeous, moving photographs in the college newspaper, The Daily Iowan. The story gives articulate voice to someone we don’t often hear from in the adoption process: the birth mother. Read more.

Nancy and Kelly

Permission To Take Time

Frequently, we are caught up in so many things that demand our attention. Then we do find the time to write, it can be frustrating. It is easy to get stuck, not come up with ideas, write until there are no more ideas, or even become tired. This article provides a different light on the writing journey. We hope you enjoy it.

Confession time. For all my aversion to math, I thrive on measurable productivity. A number of words written. A number of pages revised. The number of books read in a week, month or year. The amount of time spent research-or even cleaning house or running errands. It all signals productivity. A worthwhile expenditure of time.

And yet, in the 15 years I’ve been writing toward and for publication, I have learned some very hard truths.

Not all writing work is measurable.

Not all writing work appears productive.

Not all writing work involves physically doing anything at all! Read more.

Kelly and Nancy

Near To God

James 4:7-8

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you.”

Writer Gadgets

Writers love gadgets and tools that help us do our jobs more efficiently. This article discusses four things that will help keep writers more organized.

As a not-yet-published newbie novelist, I don’t feel qualified to advise on writing techniques. But I am a diehard tech geek, always looking for tools that will help me be more productive. I thought I’d share four digital tools that have been indispensable to me as a writer. In no particular order, here are my current top four tools for boosting my productivity (click on the hyperlinks for more info): Click here to learn more.

Kelly and Nancy