The Waiting~Happy Mother’s Day

In 1928, sixteen-year-old Minka was working full-time on her family dairy farm in South Dakota. One day while on a walk in the woods, she was raped by a transient and became pregnant. Determined to keep the story a secret, her parents sent her out of town to have the baby. Minka gave birth the following spring, cuddled her daughter for five weeks and then released her for adoption. Years later, she married a troubled World War II pilot and started a family. But she never stopped longing for word of her lost child.

For nearly eight decades, Minka kept hidden a black and white photograph of her first baby. She often pulled the picture out and quietly prayed over it. On May 22, 2006, her daughter’s seventy-seventh birthday, Minka had a special request. God, I’d like to see her before I die. I don’t want to bother her, or interrupt her life. I just want to see her. Click here to see how this story ends.


Watch the trailer here.

Here is a link to a news article on Ms. Minka.

Kelly and Nancy


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