May The 4th Be With You

It is a known fact around here that we love sci-fi and fantasy. Today is May 4th. The Star Wars implication is quite fun.

In fact, the astronauts from the International Space Station reminded us of what day it is.

A NASA astronaut on the International Space Station beamed a special “May the Fourth” message to “Star Wars” fans on Earth with some help from the intrepid droid R2-D2.

NASA and Lucasfilms teamed up to produce a 1-minute video in honor of “Star Wars Day”an unofficial fan holiday honoring the space opera on Sunday (May 4). Each year, “Star Wars” fans celebrate the beloved movie and book franchise on May 4. (That particular day was chosen because “May the Fourth” sounds a lot like “May the force be with you,” a famous line from the movie.) Click here to read the rest of this fun article.



Darth Vader and his fan club have invaded Denver International Airport. Check it out here.

May the fourth be with you!

Nancy and Kelly



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