There’s not a whole lot I can brag about when it comes to all things domestic diva-related. It’s not that I can’t do things like clean and cook-I just don’t generally have time to keep up in a way that wouldn’t horrify Martha Stewart.

But one thing I can be at least a little proud of: I’m not a hoarder.

Nope, I do not have a problem getting rid of things. So imagine my surprise when I came across notes the other day from a work retreat I attended two years ago. Somehow those notes stayed in my work desk for two years without making it to the recycle bin. C-r-a-z-y.

But I’m glad they did. Because scribbled atop one of the pages was a quote I’d forgotten about. The quote: “Don’t leave the last 10% unsaid.” Click here to read the rest of this interesting article.

Nancy and Kelly


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