Family History

A number of years ago, I connected with a family member from England who had spent years locating members of the Gaymer family as part of her genealogy research. The connection provided me with history going back to the 1600s with the family tree as well as true stories about the Gaymer family history.  I learned in the 1700s Long John Gaymer (this nickname came from his height) married a young woman named Mary Chapman. Mary’s father had a small pub cyder business providing cyder for his family and neighbors who wanted to purchase jugs. For his wedding gift to Long John and Mary, he provided them with the secret recipe for his cyder. As years past the Gaymer Pub Cyder business grew and became so well-known, it was honored as the Royal Warrant Cyder for Queen Mary and the present day Queen Elizabeth which means it was the only pub cyder served in the palace. The Gaymer Pub Cyder business remains to this day though it no longer belongs to the Gaymer family. It was sold to another company. To find out what happens, click here.

Nancy and Kelly


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