A Dystopian World

The latest reading phase for YA (and a lot of adult readers) is the dystopian genre. A dystopian is categorized by a world set in the future, unlike the world we live in today. I’m even reading one now where the only difference in worlds is that in the book’s world all people are mandated to stay thin, and if you get overweight they send you to re-indoctrination F.A.T camps that cost you a bundle of money.

Yes…with the advent of major motion pictures in the last two years about them (second Hunger Game, Catching Fire is out, the first of two parts for the last book MockingJay will debut in October, and at the end of March (21st) the first of the Divergent series books will debut in theaters), the genre is hot. Click here to read the rest of this informative article.

Nancy and Kelly


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