Entering Contests

We have entered our writing into contests and found the feedback very helpful. ACFW is hosting a contest and we would like to feature it today.


ACFW is a wonderful source of education, networking, and industry information, and offers another opportunity: its annual contest for unpublished writers. There are other non-ACFW contests during the year as well. Entering contests can be very helpful, and here are a few reasons why:  

1. If your critique partners have seen your work over and over, they may not catch details inadvertently lost during your repeated revisions. Contest judges are “fresh readers”, and have a better chance at catching problems.

2. Contests can help you identify weaknesses, set goals and monitor your improvement.  For example, if you score low on “point of view”, then study POV, revise, and strive for higher POV scores in your next contest. Setting smaller goals helps you see satisfying progress, even if your first sale seems far away.

3. Through entry preparation, you will learn professional presentation of your work.

4. If you final in a contest with an editor or agent as the final round judge, you are guaranteed a prompt read–much faster than if you’re part of a tall slush pile on someone’s desk! Click here to learn more.

Nancy and Kelly


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