Lessons from the Promised Land~ Caesarea


We visited the seaport town of Caesarea. This town was mentioned many times in the New Testament. It is now just ruins, except for a partial rebuilt theater, but in New Testament times it was a thriving city.

It was here that the first gentiles became Christians when Cornelius received a vision to send for Peter in Joppa. It was also the town that Paul was taken to after his arrest in Jerusalem.


He was whisked away from Jerusalem during the middle of the night to save his life, since there was a plot to kill him on the way. Paul spent two years in prison in Caesarea while the leadership tried to figure out what to do with him. It was here that he made his appeal to Caesar.

Before all that happened, it was prophesied that Paul would be bound in chains in Jerusalem. His friends begged him not to go to Jerusalem, but Paul still felt that he was to go. Paul made the hard decision to follow what he felt led to do in spite of what had been prophesied.

Although Paul was never a free man again, it was his time in prison where much of the New Testament was written. Where would we all be today if Paul had not made that hard decision?

Paul reached more people down through the ages in prison, than he would have as a free man. Would we have the New Testament if he had continued preaching from town to town as he had been doing before his arrest? Is God asking you to do a hard thing? Follow Him. It will turn out for the best in the end.

A Diamond in the Rough,



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