Lessons from the Promised Land – Tel Aviv

Can a nation be born in a day?

A study of Israeli history going back a mere one hundred years will tell you that God is still the miracle worker of the Old Testament. Ancient prophecy foretold that Israel would be reborn as a nation in one single day and yes, in 1948 Israel was voted into nationhood in a single day by the world community.

As I sat in Israel’s modest Independence Hall, not the grand halls of the U.S. but a converted house, I relived the prophecy fulfilling moment, and couldn’t help but see the hand of God. Moments after Israel became a nation, her enemies and neighbors vowed to push this fledgling nation into the sea.


Somehow, sixty-five years later she has overcome the odds. The day Israel became a nation she had an air force consisting of just two small planes but was immediately plunged into war. There is no other explanation for her continued existence other than a God who lives and who still works miracles.

Many are the stories where God has saved this nation against all odds. Take heart. Give your situation to God and He will work things out for you, too.

A Diamond in the Rough,




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