Lessons from the Promised Land-Part Two

Promised Land?

I got the privilege of spending some time in the West Bank of Israel, in the area of Judea and Samaria. This was the region that the children of Israel first entered when they arrived at the Promised Land.

As we drove through those rocky hills I couldn’t help but imagine what those people thought. They had traveled in the desert all their lives, dreaming of what the Promised Land would be like.


As they finally entered this special land they found it strewn with boulders everywhere. It appeared much like the desert they had just left. Would anything ever grow here?

It was clear to me, that it was not man’s idea to claim this land as the Promised Land. No, only God would call it that. But why?

There are several reasons. I will just mention two. The Lord was positioning them at the crossroads of the world. Especially in those days, people travelling from Asia, the Middle East and Europe had to pass through this land. God put them where they could influence the world.

Secondly, this region possessed rich earth deposited by an ancient volcano. I noticed the hills and mountains were striped with stone terraces. Retaining walls left from Joshua’s time, where the Israelites planted olive trees for food and oil.

Using the rocks for retaining walls, and sticking an olive branch into the ground they planted groves of trees. Today they are using those ancient walls, and causing the desolate ground to grow olive groves once again.

Remember, God has a way of taking the desolate and rocky places of our lives and planting new life and beauty. Trust Him. He knows you long for a child.

A Diamond in the Rough,



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