Lessons from the Promised Land

Proving God

Just recently, I returned home from spending time in Israel. What a gift it was to tread where the heroes of the Faith walked. I’m still assimilating all that I’ve seen.

I couldn’t come back without sharing some of my thoughts and insights from my trip and how things relate to the struggles of infertility and adoption. So, for the next few weeks I will write a series of blogs on lessons from the Promised Land.


My overall thought from my trip was if anyone doubts that God exists, or claims to be an atheist, I would challenge them to study two things.

First, study the prophecies of the ancient prophets then study the history of the Jewish people up to the present day.

Wow, making a sincere study of these two subjects together will reveal evidence of a living God! More prophecy has been fulfilled within the last century than all other centuries combined.

God’s chosen people, the Israelites, may have felt through the centuries that they had been chosen by God to be forgotten. No. Not so. God has brought them back into their land and has prospered them. Just as was prophesied thousands of years ago.

You may feel like God has forgotten you in your struggle to build a family. I can assure you He has not.

A Diamond in the Rough,



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