Historical Fiction Research


For those of you who write historical fiction, you know that it requires tons of research to get all the facts accurate. Today’s featured post is just what the writer needs. It is informative and has some great ideas on researching time periods for a novel.


Watch Movies and Television Program From Your Time Period
There are scores of documentaries on nearly every subject you can imagine. Just like books, when it comes to video artifacts there are primary sources and secondary sources. A documentary is a secondary source while a movie or radio/TV broadcast from the time period is a primary source. Try listening to the radio broadcast of the explosion of the Hindenburg and then read an article about it. You’ll see that there’s nothing quite as dramatic as listening to the broadcaster as he tries to describe the tragedy happening right before his eyes. Be aware that modern movies set in historical time periods may or may not portray it accurately. Double-check your facts! Click here to read the rest of this helpful article.


Nancy and Kelly

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