Heaven Sent Miracles Part Four


Today’s post is the fourth in our series Heaven Sent Miracles, the adoption story of Rob and Robin Layton of Colorado

Heaven Sent Miracles

A week later, our counselor called us on a Wednesday night and told us the mother had signed the relinquish forms and we could pick up our son on Friday.  We were thrilled but started to panic, we didn’t have anything ready for a baby. The night before we were to pick him up we were filling carts up at Babies R Us with everything we could think of. We stayed up late to put a crib, changing table and swing together. I was running laundry with the special baby soap and I prayed the whole time that everything would be okay.

Niagra Falls 001

The next morning we were exhausted from the all-nighter, we had pulled but we had a nursery set up. We showered and got dressed and met our counselor over at cradle care to pick up our son.

The first time I saw him, I remember thinking how beautiful he was. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was perfect and so tiny. When they put him in my arms, I melted, I was a mom now. It was the best feeling in the world.  The counselor had warned us the night before that outcome for the baby was unclear, his mother drank alcohol and used drugs during the pregnancy, so I needed to be prepared, but in that moment, it was only Rob, the baby and me and nothing else mattered. We had our son.

Our life was full during the next year and a half, each day we thanked God for giving us our child. He was perfectly healthy and thriving, but we really wanted a sibling for him. We decided to go ahead and put our names back on the list at the adoption agency, praying that God would open the door once again for us.

As with our son, we didn’t know how long the wait would be or if a birth mother would pick us so we just prayed and waited. I knew God had already given us one miracle and I hoped he would give us another. Looking back I didn’t realize how big of a miracle he was going to give us.



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