Heaven Sent Miracles Part One


I have heard some really inspirational stories on adoption and would like to share one of them: I know it’s a lot for a blog, but a story I feel needs to be told.

Heaven Sent Miracles

Adoption to Rob and Robin Layton of Colorado meant the chance of finally having a family together. Meeting in 2000 they were both survivors of divorce. Robin really wanted to have children one day and had told Rob on numerous occasions when they met. Rob had two children already from his previous relationship with his ex-wife and was open to more but he had undergone a vasectomy. After meeting Robin, he knew she was the woman for him but it took several dates before he finally admitted to having had the procedure.

After marrying in 2001, Rob underwent a reversal vasectomy procedure, but due to the amount of scar tissue the chances of success were slim to none.  Rob was determined that Robin would get to experience pregnancy and as a couple they went through IUI’s, hormone shots, as well as other procedures, to no avail. When they finally decided to save up for invetro, Robin told Rob that she didn’t want to go through with it because it was a lot of money for a onetime possibility. She was tired of the shots she had to keep giving herself, she wanted to be a mommy and instead of risking a lot of money on a procedure with only a twenty-five percent chance of success, and that they should pray about it and maybe consider adoption.  This is their story…

What drives us as humans? Is it the unquenchable thirst for knowledge or love that seems impossible? Whatever it is, I imagine it’s different for each and every one of us. For me, I can remember from a very early age, that I wanted to be a mom someday. I never thought that I wouldn’t be, it was just the matter of timing.

I married my first husband with the intention of one day having children with him. As the years began to go by, slowly at first and then faster and faster until I realized I wasn’t getting any younger. My husband, I came to find out didn’t want children. Our relationship soon dissolved and I found myself alone again.

To Be Continued….



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