The Cost of Parenthood


Parenthood Is Not Free

We all know parenthood isn’t free, and many couples delay having children until they think they are financially secure before doing so. I strongly recommend against such a plan.

Women have biological clocks that run down. Many of you may have been caught by such an approach, and now desperately want a child. My age played a role in my infertility. Only if one is destitute would I recommend waiting for financial reasons.


God has promised to provide for his people, and that includes our children. In the end, most people recognize that family is far more valuable than material blessings.

While parenthood is a blessing, the cost of that blessing is more than just financial. It also costs us our time, energy, talents and perhaps even a hobby or two for a time, but in most cases, the return is far, far more than the investment.

A Diamond in the Rough,



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