The Frustrations of Infertility


I know the disappointment of taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test all with a negative result. I think as women we take it as something we have done wrong. I don’t know why some women get pregnant at the drop of a hat and others struggle for years.

School Graduation and School pictures 033

My sister- in law is the very definition of Fertile Myrtle, she and my brother only had to think about trying for a child and she got pregnant with all three pregnancies the first try.

For me I tried and tried and tried, and nothing. I went to doctor after doctor, and then they put me on Clomid and nothing. I did gain weight though. Finally when I was at my lowest point, I asked God why? The answer didn’t come right away, but what I did see is that I was making getting pregnant my God, and when I repented and allowed myself to ask God for help, I did finally get pregnant. 

I think the biggest lesson I learned was that if we let other things become greater than God, failure is what we will get. God doesn’t like to share us and I’m grateful for that.  If you are struggling with infertility, ask God, He will show you in His timing.


A Dusty Diamond,



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