Adoption/What is Cradle Care?

Cradle Care

That is a good question, cradle care is a foster home that your child will go to once being released from the hospital if you so choose. I chose to put my child in cradle care after I was released from the hospital to make sure that adoption was really what I wanted. I know that I was also in a foster home as a newborn, I enjoyed reading through some of the notes that my foster mother wrote about me as a new born. I can feel her love for me through her words.  It must take amazing people to care for newborns and not get too attached.

My plan after having my son was to put him in cradle care for two weeks, so that I knew that I had made the right choice, but still left myself options. It ended up being shorter than the two weeks because I knew after being home for a day that adoption was the best option for me.

I’m so grateful to families that open up their homes for young mother’s like I was, to give us time. If you are a foster mother, all I can say is Thank You and God Bless You. Cradle care is also a great way for the adoptive families to come and visit and see how they get on with a new born.


A Dusty Diamond,


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