What the Label Tells You

Learning Disabilities

When it became apparent to us that something was amiss with our daughter, I called Child Find and had her tested. Through that testing it was revealed she struggled with a learning disability, but the label they gave was a catch-all category and did not shed the light on the issue like I had hoped.
As time went on, the term developmental delay was used when discussing her struggles. This term made me think I needed to help her catch up. I began homeschooling her, thinking that if she had one on one attention I could get her caught up. After all, she was born two and a half months premature.
After homeschooling about two years, I finally discovered that the term developmental delay replaced the word retarded. Imagine the shock I felt. I realized I had been hitting my head against the wall for the past two years with a goal that was not attainable, and the pressure I had put on my poor child to “catch up”.
In this day and age of politically correctness, labels and terms have become blurred and confusing. My advice to you is to get a clear definition of the label given your child, and what the true expectations are.

A diamond in the rough,


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