A Downside to Using Friends to Critique Your Writing

Critiquing Your Writing

Let’s say that you have just completed your first novel and you are sure that it is destined to be a best seller. Now let’s say that you send your friends a copy of it and wait anxiously for their comments. Now depending on how good your friends are and if they are also writers or not, makes a difference.

Friends don’t want to hurt your feelings, and they may not know all the ins and outs to writing, so when they come back and tell you they love it, don’t get your hopes up to high.

Get involved in a writing group and ultimately a critique group. Why? Well take it from me, you learn a lot and what you thought was a masterpiece most likely needs a lot of work. I rewrote the first chapter to my young adult series forty-two times before I thought it was worth a look at by an agent and even then it still needed some work. The bottom line is that writing is an art form and one that takes time to master.

Don’t be discouraged if your novel comes back looking like it is bleeding from all the corrections. I’ve been there. Over time you begin to develop a thick skin. Remember it is to make you a better writer not to hurt your feelings.

Now, I’m not saying don’t run it by your friends, they make great sounding boards for ideas you might be playing around with. I know that some of my close friends helped me more than they know with coming up with characters. I’m sure they get tired of me running scenes by them all the time, but they do it because they are my friends.

Good luck and keep at it.

A Dusty Diamond,


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