Advocate for your Child

ADHD and The Classroom

Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD? Times have changed, but when my son was young, many people thought that ADHD was the parents fault and we were accused of not disciplining our child. Because of that thinking, many unprepared people will do the wrong things with your child.
When my son was in the first grade, I received judgmental comments from his teacher. I tried to explain our son’s issues with her, but it was clear she looked down her nose at me. I thought it was an issue with me until the last day of the school year. The parents were invited to an awards ceremony in the class room. I was stunned when I arrived early and found my son’s desk sat eight feet or so behind the rest of the class in the very back of the room.
Placing his desk in such a place was wrong on so many levels. First of all, an ADHD child should be placed in the front row. There will be less distraction for the child there than at the very back. In the back he will be distracted by every child in the class.
Secondly, separating a child so obviously, set him up for ridicule and bulling from the other boys. This told the entire class that it was okay to exclude him. This reputation followed him his entire elementary years. Finally, I found homeschooling was a better fit for a distractible child.

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