Why Do They Call it Morning Sickness? I’m Sick All Day

Morning Sickness and Pregnancy

What is morning sickness? That is a great question.

Most of the women I know, that had morning sickness, had it all day long or at night. If you are one of the 20% that don’t get it, count your blessings.

I hate to admit it, but I was in that 20% for all three of my pregnancies. I had no symptoms of even being pregnant and I think that is why when I found out I was, I was shocked each time.

There are lots of myths about why women get morning sickness. I have attached a link that goes into some of the reasons. I don’t know if it is necessarily true or not but interesting to look at.

I will say that most of my friends felt better after twelve weeks, but others were sick the entire pregnancy. I’ve been told that soda crackers and soda water help and a couple friends mentioned ginger tablets. I hope it passes soon for you if you have it.

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A Dusty Diamond,


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