Approaching the Goal with Limits

Infertility Decisions


Just a short one-hundred years ago, the only option to an infertile couple was adoption. Today, however, medical science has provided many more options. Every option comes with a cost. Everyone’s situation is different, thus everyone’s limits will be a bit different.
The first consideration is your financial situation. Do you have insurance that will cover infertility? Infertility treatments can be expensive with no sure results.
It is a good idea to pursue your goal with a plan. Include God in this planning and allow Him to direct you as you and your spouse do this. Set limits on what kind of infertility treatments you will pursue and which ones you will not. What treatments are pleasing to God? How much money are you willing to spend? How long will you allow this process to consume your life?
Decide what will be plan B if the above limits are reached and determine to go with it. Don’t let your life become consumed with the Goal.

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