When Everyone Else is Pregnant and You’re Not

Struggling With Infertility

Why does it seem like when you want to get pregnant and can’t, suddenly everyone around you is pregnant.

I remember when I had just taken my umpteenth pregnancy test with another negative result, a good friend of mine said she was pregnant again and hadn’t even tried. It’s really hard to be happy for someone who has kids and is pregnant once again, when all you want in the world is to have a child.

I took so many pregnancy tests that I should have bought stock in the company at least that is what I would tell the pharmacist each time.

My best advice is to not give up, keep praying and be happy for those around you, even if you have to fake it. I have faked many a time, and cried about the injustices of it all.

I don’t know what God’s plan is or why some women go through infertility, I do know that God hears our cries and sometimes we just have to wait. God be with you.

A Dusty Diamond,


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