What is an IEP?

Special Needs


What is an IEP? Why does the school district want you to fill out forms for testing and why do they keep throwing things like 504 forms at you?
First of all an IEP is an Individual Education Plan as opposed to an ILP or Individual Learning Plan. It is composed of present levels of academic performance, transportation needs, long term goals, specialists that are needed and hours of services and how those services will be delivered small group, large group and also testing data.

Do not fear the IEP, it is for kids 3 and over and it is to show how they can better accommodate your child. What some parents do not know is that the IEP is a legal document that goes with your child wherever you go. An IEP can be modified but it must be signed by all parties.

In my opinion I think every child in America should have an IEP, we associate it as a negative thing, but if every child had one we could better facilitate each child in the education system.

Think about what having a plan in place for each of your children that are completely designed just for them would mean. Strengthening their weaknesses and continuing to enhance their strengths, I think it would bring us up in the national and global standings, but that is just me.

Let me know what you think.
A Dusty Diamond,


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