Labeling Kids

Labeling Kids

            I have encountered parents who are baffled by a child. The things they relayed to me gave me a pretty good idea that perhaps their child struggled with a learning disability and would need some extra help. I would suggest the possibility to them and that perhaps the child should be tested. It surprised me to receive the response, “I don’t want my kid to be labeled.” Yes, no parent wants to put a label on their child, but I the think the alternative is far worse. I’ll tell you why.

No parent wants their kid to be diagnosed with a disease. However, if the disease can become terminal untreated, the sooner the correct diagnosis is made, and treatment applied the better it is for the child. If a condition exists such as dyslexia or ADHD, things will always be better for the child if a true understanding of your child is brought to light.

There are strategies for helping these kids. It would be unfair to allow a child to languish behind his peers and struggle with feelings of inferiority when he could be taught compensation or coping skills.

It is my feeling that is always better to know who or what the enemy is. There is free testing out there in most counties. Contact the Child Find people in your school district. In my county they test kids in private or homeschools for free as well.

A Diamond in the Rough,



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